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A modern discord sound effect bot

Open Source

DootDoot is a open source bot allowing contributors to add effects they want easily. At same time its also easy to rehost to your own hostings if you will need that.
Bug reports, feedback and simlar are handled on Our Github page

Python 3.7

DootDoot is build using modern python 3.7 language with library allowing us to write easy and flexible code.
Adding new effects is easy and fast and build in reload function allows us to minimalise downtime for updates

Professional hosting

DootDoot is hosted on professional server provided by GalaxyGate and running linux Ubuntu 18. this allows us to have full uptime.

Curent sound effects

List of curent sound effects with respective commands (for full list go to commands subpage)
bot prefix is D. remember to add it before command (i.e D.doot)

Sound effectCommand
Just do itjustdoit
Ha, Gay!gay
Roblox oofoof
Sudden Suspensesuspense
Sad Musicsad
No god nogodno
Darude Dootstorm (basically darude sandstorm)dootstorm
Bish WTFwtf
it was at this moment he knew, he fucked upfuckedup
oh no no noohno
thug Lifethuglife
Pornhub intro soundphintro
reserved (hidden for ToS untill we recive confirmation)reserved

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