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List of all commands

This list includes all commands build into DootDoot including ones that are restriced to owner/admin (for users that selfhost DootDoot).
Bot prefix is D.

Command Description
pingpings discord gateway and print result
shutdownshutsdown bot (BOT OWNER ONLY)
reload     | syntax: D.reload cognamereloads specific part of bot (BOT OWNER ONLY)
invitegives you invite for bot!
githubgives you link to bots github
bazingaplays bazinga effect
clapplays clapping effect
dootplays airhorn effect
justdoitJUST DO IT (plays Shia Labeouf just do it)
suspenseplays suden suspense effect
oofplays roblox oof effect
sadplays sad effect
failplays fail effect
nopeplays nope effect
gayplays Ha, Gay effect
noplays "no" effect
godnoplays "no god no" effect
dootstormplays darude sandstorm but with dooting
fuckedupplays "it was at this moment he knew" effect
reservedreserved for future command (ToS reasons)
ohnoplays "oh no" effect
ohhhplays "ohhhhh" effect
thuglifeplays "thug life" effect
phintroplays sound from Pornhub intro
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